Our main Focus is to make housing Eco-friendly with zero emissions and waste with reusable process for natural resources such as energy and water. For homeowners and other property owners, we manage reducing energy use, assessing indoor air quality, and managing moisture and humidity levels. Our alliance partners prevent and recover from natural calamities; and have partners in disaster relief and recovery. The growing significance of intelligent devices to enable consumers to get remote access and control over their homes has resulted in the growth of the smart home industry.

In Republic of India, the market for smart homes has been growing steadily. Every year, the uptake of smart homes in India is increasing by between 15-18 per cent in tier 1 cities and by between 5-10 per cent in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.
The market players from the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific are significantly investing in different segments of the smart home industry including hardware, technology, software, and service segments and  smart home industry has witnessed a considerable number of new product launches, partnerships, and agreements carried out by the market players.