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B2C Software Host Agency 2018-19: Akbar Travels Pvt.Ltd.

Life is a journey and each of us is a traveller in its own way. Travel is an essential part of our lives. We travel for work and we travel for pleasure and holiday. The prime concern when planning a travel itinenery are 3C’s – comfort, convenience and cost. Comfort and convenience take priority over cost when one is travelling for a holiday however; cost becomes important when travelling for business purpose.


Subscription Travel Software

Product designed for the home entrepreneur for family business for the women entrepreneur in support of socio economic productivity across sub urban villages in India and Africa.
We offer Product Customization | Customer Portal | Invoice History | Multi Currency | Recuring Billing | Payment Processing | Subscription Billing | 24*7 Firewall Log Monitoring | GDPR | Enterpenuership Advisory

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