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Board of Trustees

Vittalrao V.S.Dempo

Land Baron and Founder Trustee Vithalrao V.S.Dempo (1912-1995) is seen in the photo. Boards of directors have a fiduciary responsibility to the company's owners (shareholders) to make money, grow the company and operate with integrity and define succession in a family business . While still upholding the fiduciary aspect for the proper use of funds, exist to serve the organisations' mission statements. Boards still aim to earn money, which must be used for the public good and to sustain themselves rather than for private benefit. The board of trustees both work with high-level management to maximise their respective goals. The members of the council of five trustees are located in Goa and have average fifty years of work experience in their respective areas of specialisation and a lifetime dedication of the Dempo family business excellence.


Engineer Dempo is a chartered engineer, researcher and business architect based in European Union pursuing Doctorate Program at Business Research Unit at ISCTE University of Lisboa, Portugal. Mr Dempo is a member of board of directors at Sociedade Dempo, the largest and the prestigious sixteen century land foundation in Goa, Republic of India. Engineer Dempo holds seasoned global skills with two decades of management experience in the infrastructure, technology and family business sectors in Europe, Asia Pacific and America Regions.Engineer Dempo obtained his Master of Science in Engineering at Temple University , Pennsylvania, followed by a Master of Business Administration at University of San Francisco, United States. Dempo is a qualified Chartered Engineer from Indian Institute of Engineers with executive certificates from National University of Singapore, Harvard Executive Education and Institute of Management Ahmedabad. Engineer Dempo is a consulting council member at Gerson Lehrman Group, New York for the EMEA region and keeps abreast with industry and global markets with advisory services and research development to corporate clients.