RAJ DEMPO Ventures® conglomerate was established in July 1999 in Goa to consolidated, integrate, diversify and grow value based enterprises stemming from The Heritage Enterprises and The Internet Revolution.
apex firm Raj Dempo Enterprises® Limited Liability Partnership is engaged in Professionalisation, Continuity and Modernisation of Family Business and Diversified Growth with Technology.
The four T's ; Trust, Tradition Technology and Trade are founding pillars of RAJ DEMPO Ventures® enabling business value empowered by global leadership dynamics and ethical code and global practices driving socio-economic development across the digital economy.
We at Raj Dempo Ventures® strictly adhere to anti-corruption laws of O.E.C.D. , S.A.A.R.C. and A.S.E.A.N. nations and are non political in our business activities and ventures.