Visnum Family Business Startup & Research initiative (VFBSRI) was founded in 2006 and pioneered the cause for incubation of the business startups for local entrepreneurs in the state of Goa. The social and economic development of the state of Goa through incubation of business enterprises created employment and jobs and bridged the gap between the industry and academia and is the first and foremost kind in the state of Goa. The initiative was lauded by Goa Chamber of Commerce under leadership of Chamber President Manguirish Raikar in 2006.
The Goa Government local business stalwarts echoed cooperation with
GITIC (Goa IT and Innovation Center) and GCCI recognition for G.A.I.N.(Goa Angels Investment Network) The foundation of the IT & Innovation Incubation Center at Verna Electronic City for Startups was further incubated and inaugurated Chief Minister of Goa Kamat and Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry under leadership of President Manguirish Raikar. Today, VFBSRI team is actively involved in the state of Goa and works continuously with G.M.A.,G.I.B.A., CSI, G.I.T.I.C.,Y.E.F-G.C.C.I. ,C.I.I.-Goa and the local state government for policy rules and regulations to support entrepreneurship and startups incubation for Goan Youth.
Startup means an entity, incorporated or registered in India. (As defined by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion:Ref: