In the nineties amidst challenges of the transformation in the digitalization revolution, the heritage businesses adopted a dynamic strategy for modernisation and organisational flexibility to meet the demands of high velocity, rapid change international markets driven by innovation, telecom ,media and technology.

The management control unit reoriented strategic goals and priorities with valuable, rare and unique, non imitable resources to spawn new group projects in Startup ecosystems, e-commerce , fiber networks, and software solutions.

This laid the foundation of the TMT(Tech Media and Telecom) brand "Raj Dempo Ventures" spearheaded by the young and aspiring chartered engineer and internet visionary Govindraj Dempo of Sociedade Dempo. Dempo has the distinction of being the first bloodline descendant engineer and global management expert of the Dempo family in five countries.

Two decades since incorporation, the TMT focussed Business Unit is a multifaceted morphed "strategic group asset" that spearheads sustainability of competitive advantages for family firms in India, Singapore, Portugal , UK and United States. A group director view in 2020 defined the conglomerate akin to the "hidden champions" of German Mittelstand firms with multiple specialisations and a portfolio of properties holdings, apparel retail, technology consulting and business research.

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