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Govindraj Dempo

Raj Dempo is seasoned information technology expert, business architect with comprehensive experience leading the design and development of creative & innovative solutions for addressing business challenges. Dempo, a San Francisco Bay Area professional and an astute strategic leader capable of leveraging business and engineering acumen in driving the success of collaborative undertakings yielding numerous successful ventures.
Raj Dempo is skilled in analysing complex multivariate problems and using a systematic approach to facilitate the swift and effective resolution of issues. He has been member of university expert panels of business schools at the National University of Singapore, INSEAD Asia Campus and Goa University Department of Management Studies.
Raj Dempo holds a B.E. from Karnataka University India in Electronics and Communications, an M.S.E.E. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Temple University in Philadelphia, and a M.B.A. Telecommunications Policy and Management degree from the University of San Francisco, California. He holds executive certifications from Indian Institute of Engineers, Kolkotta, India, CGIO National University of Singapore, Executive Education of Harvard Business School, Institute of Logistics of the Confederation of Indian Industry and MDP Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. 
Raj Dempo holds the distinction of “first engineer” of the Dempo Family of Goa to be chartered by the Institute of Engineers of India founded by the Royal Charter in 1935 at Calcutta.
On the multi-generational family business front, Raj Dempo is the eldest grandson in the succession line of the prestigious 16th Century business foundation at Casa Dempo, Goa. Raj is the largest promoter and board director at Raj Dempo Ventures®
Conglomerate Companies pursuing his doctorate studies in business in Western Europe.