Raj Dempo Ventures® is a family business conglomerate established in the summer of ninety-nine. The organisation is a consortium member of Sociedade Dempo established in Goa in the sixteenth century. Over the centuries; the foundation has contributed significantly to the socio-economic growth of the national economy.

Raj Dempo Ventures® unique characteristic for modernisation and professionalism of Family Business by Technology and Digital Enterprise Transformation has contributed to the IT Infrastructure of Goa. The organisation has taken a leadership role with successive governments, & chamber presidents in laying the foundation for Information Technology State Policy, creating jobs and supporting GDP Growth via Management of The Digital Divide with ITU-IMT 2002/2020 objectives through Macroeconomics, Digital Economy Research and Internet Solutions.

The Smart organisation pioneered Ecommerce & Startup Ecosystems in state of Goa since 2005 and laid the foundation of the future modern digital economy vision 2020. The organisation outreach is focused on regions of Europe Union, Republic of India, Singapore and United States of America.