The Blue Blooded Large Family Legacy

A family’s success in business creates strong bonds between partners and encourages them to maintain family relationships. In other words, working together towards the development of the family business – their source of wealth and social status – is what creates the conditions for the family to keep up relationships in a wide kinship universe made up of all the descendants of the firm’s founder, and keeps them together as a large family. Kinship ties alone are not enough to create a family, but rather relatives must share a feeling of collective identity that unites them across generations. When the firm continues as a thriving concern with an excellent reputation and a large amount of profits, it contributes to keeping most of the founder’s descendants together in a common familial and economic project. The firm is then a legacy they all hold dear – even those who receive no direct financial dividends but only benefit indirectly from its social status – and promotes a sense of family with a shared common substance, which guarantees their continuity in time. The symbolic and economic dividends of the family business are subsequently a vital contribution to familial continuity and unity.

The Time Line

Sociedade Dempo
Family business foundation in agriculture, properties, banking, trading and shipping in Portuguese India territory of Goa, Daman & Diu.

Family Constitution
Unanimous resolve to incorporate HUF Assets & Investments into Private Limited Company under Company Act 1956 of Republic of India.

Digital Transformation
PPP (Private Public Partnership)Infrastructure Development focussed on Internet programs for ITU-IMT 2002 framework for the digital economy.

Sustainable organization growth with ventures in e-commerce, software solutions, real estates, food exports.

Performance optimized with best practices impact assessments and comparative analysis setting the benchmarks for ISO standards certifications

Alternative business models from conventional models induced resources reserves to set targets on global markets for sustainable growth patterns.

Applied Management
Research and Applied Management recommended by the strategic advisory board to formulate a sustained growth and bootstrapped process for organizational development