Raj Dempo Ventures® is a group of business firms* built on traditional competences in properties and exports with core competences in Internet infrastructure & services industry. The conglomerate was incorporated under company law in 1965 in Pangim City in State of Goa and firmly dedicated to economic progress and societal development of the region through sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
The core pillars of strengths identified as Trust, Tradition Technology and Trade induced sustainable competitive advantage with an orthodox conservative code of business ethics on par with global standards. The ethics stemmed from the 16th century large blue-blooded
family legacy culture and practices strongly influenced by Hindu Vedic Science and global business with the Europeans (Portuguese) and the Japanese family firms over the centuries.
In the nineties amidst the internet and digital revolution, the heritage businesses of property, trading and investments laid the best practices for group corporate strategy for modernization and globalization. The corporate strategy spawned new ventures in internet industry in segments of entrepreneurial and StartUp ecosystems, intelligent e-commerce portals, ITU-IMT 2012 Fiber to Home WAN and Smart Cloud ERP solutions.
Global sustainable development goals defined the need for rejuvenation of heritage competency of agriculture business. The need for dynamic capabilities driven by change caused by technology, data and innovations enabled the business research business unit in focus areas of corporate governance, family firms, PPP infrastructure, Customs Import Export and Strategic Management.
In 2020, a review of reputed business brands associated with the conglomerate constituted Ardy E-commerce, Santacruz Technologies, Zuari Real Estates, Raj Dempo Retail, Siridao Suburban Developments, Westend Holdings, Raj Dempo Enterprises, Akhuratha Habitat, Neuvo Vaishnav Foods. KV. Dempo and Dempo Properties contributing measurable sustainable economic value to all stake holders .

Mahatma Gandhi Road, 
Panjim 403001, Goa,
Email casadempo@dempo.biz