The sixteenth century Sociedade Dempo constructs driving the multi-generational family legacy are (1) Trust (2) Long Term Choices (3) Value Orientation (4) Innovation (5) Global Reach. These cultural traits and constructs cemented a global family brand identity and enriched the heritage endowment. The Hindu Undivided Family unity and uniformity induced rare and non-imitable competence complemented by tacit knowledge and external trusted resources that drove sustainable competitive advantage with a perfect balance of orthodox and preservative choices for the family owned firms and enterprises. Over the years global competition influenced and firmed up managers, practices, routines, processes and organisational paths that stemmed from orthodox business culture and international commerce experience with Europe Middle-East and Africa along the spice trade routes of the Portuguese. The new era of growth both in the family and business dimensions started in mid 90`s to witness modernisation and digitalisations of Enterprise; Raj Dempo Ventures Conglomerate broke ground in 1999.
In the twentieth century, amidst Internet revolution, traditional nineteenth century business enterprises adopted a organisational strategy for modernisation and flexibility enabling them to survive in the high velocity, rapid change markets driven by innovation with volatility, ambiguity, complexity and uncertainty. Forecasting scenarios with complete data and information with risk analysis was limited offering incomplete models for attainment of certainty, decision making, resource allocations for sustainability and stability of the business enterprise.
To offset this limitation and make a move towards certainty, the management control unit reoriented strategic goals and priorities with valuable, rare and unique, non imitable resources to spawn new projects aligned to the Internet and Information Age namely Startups ecosystems, e-Commerce , Fiber Networks, and Software solutions.The above-said was engineered through a research and innovation initiative with core competence of Internet & Technology and the intranet organisation was tagged as  "Raj Dempo Ventures" promoted by blood line successors of Sociedade Dempo and innovated and spearheaded by the first engineer call name "Raj Dempo" of the Dempo Family of Goa.
Raj Dempo Ventures "multifaceted strategic group asset" catalyses sustainability of competitive advantages for family firms and have engineered its competences and capabilities in diverse industry markets. A group director view in 2021 defined Raj Dempo Ventures akin to the "hidden champions" of Mittelstand firms with specialisations far advanced of the regional markets requirements and in tune for market dominance in family firms management, research and innovations by 2030.